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(Jan 5, 2017)
"Gluten Free Angels has the best latte in town. Awesome biscuits and gravy. Good prices for specialty products too. I just wish it was closer to my house so I could run myself broke faster with their food stuffs."
~~ Lizz F.

(Dec 24, 2016)
"Amazing! It was truly a blessing to go into a restaurant and eat food and hang out with my husband and not feel like I was dying! I have Celiac Disease and I never eat out due to fear of getting glutenated!!! I highly recommend Gluten Free Angels for anyone who is gluten free."
~~ Kami G.

(Dec 12, 2016)
"Some of the best Chai I have ever tasted! They are dedicated to having everything gluten free, which is awesome. All of the treats and sandwiches I have eaten there have been delicious. If you have a different allergy they are willing to accommodate that too!! The staff at Gluten Free Angels are fantastic. "
~~ Christy Z.

(Nov 29, 2016)
"Good prices, great staff willing to customize your order for no hassle, and their vegan bread is extremely good. Also the vegan tomato bisque is incredibly delicious. I appreciate what Gluten Free Angels is doing!"
~~ Gina B.

(Oct 4, 2016)
"Found my new favorite cafe. AMAZING chai latte made from scratch! Super friendly staff that go above and beyond to make the perfect drink for you.
I don't even care for most gluten-free foods but the pumpkin cheesecake was so great. I couldn't even tell the crust was gluten-free....that's the best kind! Make sure you go to Gluten Free Angels, even if it's out of your way."
~~ Sydney R.

(Sep 4, 2016)
"I finally found a place I can buy (order) bread, hamburger buns, hot dog buns etc... with no allergens. The bread tastes amazing and the texture is just as amazing. I highly recommend Gluten Free Angels if you are allergic to any of the following: dairy, soy, gluten, sugar, corn. Plus they are locally owned and bake all the items in-house so when you pick up your stuff it is freshly baked. Their food hasn't been sitting around on a shelf for a couple of weeks. First gluten free bread that my husband and I can both eat! LOVE IT!!!"
~~ Diana B.

(Aug 15, 2016)
"Yum, yum, yum! I had a panini with caramelized onions and roast beef with bbq sauce... so good, I mean, so, so good!"
~~ Jill J. H.