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1/2 Sandwiches Platter 12 pieces
Your choice of an assorted selection of deli sandwiches
12 $39.99
Roasted Veggie Platter
Vegetables marinated in herbal oil then roasted served with an assortment of dips
30 $49.99
Antipasta Platter
Selection of Salami, Pepperoni, Cheeses, Pickled Veggies, and Olives
30 $54.99
Crostini/Pita Platter
Crostini and Pita Chips with Hummas, Roasted Corn Salsa, and traditional Basil topping available to top the bread of choice.
30 $39.99
Meat and Cheese Platter
Assorted sliced Meats and Cheeses
30 $49.99
Slider's Mini Buns to go with meat and cheese platters
Assorted Sliders
30 $24.99
Condiment Platter
Collection of Mayo, Mustard, Lettuce, Tomato, Onion, to make personal Sliders
30 $24.99
Tossed Salad
An organic blend of 15 leafy greens, with cut vegetables and choice of dressings
30 $29.99
Toco Salad
An organic blend of 15 leafy greens, Tomatoes, Avacado, Cheese, Home made Chil, Corn Chips, pre dressed
30 $29.99
Deviled Bacon Puffs
Puff Pastry balls filled with deviled egg and bacon salad
25 $39.99
Chorizo Puffs
Puff Pastry balls filled with chopped Chorizo Sausage
25 $39.99
Mushroom Onion Tartlets
Caramelized onion, Mushroom ducxelle, goat cheese on buttery tart dough
25 $29.99
Curried Chicken Puffs
Puffed pastry balls filled with curried chicken salad
25 $34.99
Fresh Soups 2 Gallons
Choice of, Fire Roasted Tomato Bisque, Tuscan Sausage, Chicken Artichoke Kale Minestrone (DF) Curried Coconut Chicken (DF) Chicken Vegetable (DF)
25 $49.99
Sesame Soy glazed Beef skewers
Lean Beef marinated in soy chili marinade
25 $39.99
Orange Ginger Pork Skewers
Pork Marinated in a ginger orange glaze
25 $39.99
Chicken Skewers
Marinated chicken with dipping sauces
A. Thai Spiced with Peanut Sauce       B. Italian herbs and Parmesan
C. Teriyaki with Sweet Asian sauce       D. Asian Orange with Sweet Asian Sauce
25 $39.99
Meatballs (50)
Simmered Meatballs served in a Sauce of your choice (Tangy Texan, Asian, Zesty Italian)
25 $39.99
Sweet Garlic Shrimp Skewer's
Sweet Asian Shrimp with Snap Peas on skewers
25 $44.99
Lemon Chili Shrimp Skewer's
Shrimp marinated in spicy lemon chili sauce and seared
25 $44.99
Need something special? Talk to our Chef! We can customize an order for you!